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Why is important to talk with my kids about sex?

Parents play a very important role in helping kids stay healthy and are the most important sexuality educators in their child’s life. Having sex too early can lead to negative health outcomes for your teen, such as unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, school dropout, and more. Studies show that parents who talk with their kids about not having sex lessen the chances of these negative things happening.


We understand that talking about sex with your child is outside your usual comfort zone, but at some point, sex is going to be a part of their life. The good news is, talking about it with them doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to do it alone. Continue reading to learn about our free Families Talking Together© (FTT) workshops that can teach you how to talk to your adolescent about sex.


What is the FTT Curriculum?

Families Talking Together© (FTT) is an evidence-based curriculum developed by The Center for Latino Adolescent & Family Health at New York University designed for parents and guardians of 10-14 year olds to gain knowledge and strategies on how to have conversations with their teen about preventing sexual risk behaviors.


Why the FTT Curriculum?

This curriculum provides parents with effective communication techniques on how to talk with their teens about postponing sex, stressing important factors such as:

  • Parents becoming aware of negative health outcomes of too early sex in teens.
  • Understanding the social reasons why teens decide to have sex and how to approach these reasons.
  • Building a quality relationship with their teens.

The FTT curriculum is the only parent-based curriculum that is identified as an evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention curriculum by the federal Office of Adolescent Health.

Schools We Work With

FTT workshops are held at Magnolia Science Academy 8 BellNew LA Charter, Public Policy Charter SchoolPUC Nueva Esperanza Charter, as well as the following schools in Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, Compton Unified School District and Los Angeles Unified School District:

Upcoming Workshops

Our workshops are for parents/guardians of youth between the ages of 10 and 14. Workshops are free to attend and curriculum materials are provided. Any parent from the community can attend; your child does not have to be a student at the school where the workshop is held. Space is limited to 10 participants so register for one of our below workshops today! All the workshops listed below are offered in English. For workshops offered in Spanish, click here¿Habla español? ¡Tenemos talleres en español también!

There are currently no upcoming English workshops. Check here for upcoming Spanish workshops.




Are you a parent who’s interested in registering for an upcoming workshop? Would you like to bring FTT to your school? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us below.




Keeping It Real Together has partnered with Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles and Visión y Compromiso to bring Families Talking Together workshops to Los Angeles parents and guardians.


Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles

The mission of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles is to provide convenient and affordable access to a comprehensive range of quality reproductive health care and sexual health information, through patient services, education and advocacy.

The highly-successful Promotoras Comunitarias Training Program was created to address the lack of access to reproductive health care and sexuality information in the Latino community.

Visión y Compromiso

Visión y Compromiso (VyC) is committed to community well-being by supporting Promotoras and community health workers. Our vision, Hacia Una Vida Digna y Sana, is for a Life with Dignity and Health for All.

Established in 2000, VyC is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of under resourced and represented communities by providing support, training and leadership development to Promotoras and community health workers, known collectively as “Promotores”.