Why Get Involved?

Birth rates around the country are falling and more and more youth are waiting to have sex. However, here in Los Angeles County there are still youth in our communities that are affected by unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases at alarming rates. Research shows that young Latina and African-American women remain disproportionately affected; however, any teen that has sex is at risk.


When given the right tools – education, information and access to services – we believe youth can easily become not only advocates for their own sexual health and wellness, but part of a larger community solution. By helping them stay healthy, they may be better able to stay in school, graduate and enter the job market. As a resident of Los Angeles County, you too can make a difference and support young people’s healthy development.

Youth Involvment

If you’re a teen in Los Angeles County that is interested in sexual health and wants to make a difference in your community, learn more below about how you can get involved!



Join the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club at your school! Talk with a counselor or health teacher to see if your school has a GSA club. If not, start one at your school!


Peer Health Advocate

You can become a peer health advocate where you’ll receive training in health topics and available resources at your school. As a peer health advocate, you will support your fellow students. You will help to empower them to make healthy choices by connecting them to campus resources and offering education related to a variety of health and wellness topics. Talk to your counselor, health teacher, or other trusted adult on campus to see if your school has a peer health advocate program at your school.


Take a Stand!

Join the WeCanStopSTDsLA movement and take a stand to reduce rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in South Los Angeles. Download a free copy of the Pocket Guide to find clinics in South Los Angeles that will provide you with free and confidential birth control, HIV/STD testing, and condoms.


Youth Advisory Board

If you are at an LAUSD school with a Wellness Center, join the L.A. Trust’s Youth Advisory Board. As a member of your Wellness Center’s Youth Advisory Board, you will have the opportunity to inform stakeholders and staff on how to better serve your peers and other Los Angeles youth.


Visit your school’s Wellness Center to learn more information about how to join. Not sure if your school has a Wellness Center? Find out!


If you’re a concerned community member, learn below about how you can support youth and reduce the rates of sexually transmitted diseases in Los Angeles County.


Educate Yourself!

Parents/guardians and other adults are the primary educators of young adolescents, including sexual health education. When adults, and in particular parents/guardians, talk to and affirm their values with their children or the young adolescents in their care, adolescents tend to listen. You can be a resource to youth when they have questions about sexual health topics.

Check out our Resources page (links to internal ‘Resource’ page) to learn more about a variety of sexual health topics and attend a free Families Talking Together workshop (links to internal ‘Upcoming Workshops’ section in Padres/Parents) to learn how to better talk to your kids about sex.



Advocate for youth to receive medically accurate and comprehensive sexual health education in their school. If your school has a parent center, you can advocate that parents have access to resources and information about sexual health as well.


Take a Stand!

Join the WeCanStopSTDsLA movement and take a stand to reduce rates of sexually transmitted diseases in South Los Angeles. Download a free copy of the Pocket Guide to find clinics in South Los Angeles that provide confidential and free sexual and reproductive health services to youth.

Community Partners

Keeping It Real Together is proud to partner with the following community organizations:


The L.A. Trust

The mission of the L.A. Trust is to improve student health and increase readiness to learn through access, advocacy, and programs. The L.A. Trust supports the variety of services that Wellness Centers provide to the students and communities where they are present. Wellness Centers are full-service community clinics that help to advance healthy living and increase student achievement.



WeCanStopSTDsLA is a movement that brings together providers, parents, youth, faith leaders, policy makers and others to work together to reduce the high rates of sexually transmitted infections and diseases in the South Los Angeles area of LA County Supervisorial District 2.