What is the MPC Curriculum?

makingproudchoicesMaking Proud Choices!© (MPC) is an evidence-based, safer-sex approach to teen pregnancy and HIV/STD prevention developed by Dr. Loretta Sweet Jemmott and Dr. Konstance McCaffree. The curriculum aims to empower adolescents to make safe and responsible decisions about their sexual health. The MPC curriculum provides young people with the knowledge, confidence, and tools to reduce their risk of unplanned pregnancy, STDs and HIV while acknowledging that abstinence is the most effective way to avoid these risks.

The community-based edition of MPC consists of eight 60-minute modules aimed at adolescents aged 12-18. The curriculum activities are interactive and include brainstorming, small groups, role-plays, videos and competitive games.



Why the MPC Curriculum?

The MPC curriculum is being taught at all Soledad Enrichment Action Charter High School (SEA) sites in health or physical education classes. MPC was chosen by SEA for a variety of reasons. The content and structure of MPC is an appropriate fit for their setting and the 8-module community edition is feasible to implement. Not only does MPC have an interactive and innovative approach in teaching sexual health education to adolescents, it also supports the new California Healthy Youth Act.

MPC builds its foundations on a theoretical framework that includes social cognitive theory, theory of reasoned action, and theory of planned behavior. The main concepts of these theories include self-efficacy and outcome expectancy, the beliefs about the consequences of a behavior. These concepts are emphasized throughout the MPC curriculum via various activities.

The MPC curriculum is identified as an evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention program by the federal Office of Adolescent Health. Outcome data from a randomized controlled trial of students in Philadelphia with similar demographics to the Los Angeles County area showed that, after the intervention, adolescents who were sexually active at baseline reported:

  • Reduced frequency of sex;
  • Reduced incidence of unprotected sex;
  • Consistent condom use; and
  • Higher frequency of condom use.


Jemmott, J. B. III, Jemmott, L. S., & Fong, G. T. (1998). Abstinence and safer sex HIV risk-reduction interventions for African American adolescents: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Medical Association, 279 (19): 1529-1536.


Leadership Committee

Keeping It Real Together (KIR-T) is supporting SEA in implementing an evidence-based, safer-sex approach to teen pregnancy, HIV, and STD prevention curriculum called Making Proud Choices! (MPC). The MPC curriculum helps to address California Healthy Youth Act requirements for comprehensive sexual health education.

The goal of the MPC curriculum is to provide adolescents the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to prevent and reduce their risks of STDs and HIV including unintended teen pregnancy through:

  • Abstinence.
  • Self-efficacy of safer sex practices through condom negotiation skills in mutual consensual situations.

School sites that collaborate with KIR-T will receive:

  • Curriculum and booster trainings.
  • Materials at no cost to the school.
  • Provider Guides – clinic directories for sexual health services.
  • Technical assistance and support for the MPC curriculum.



The MPC curriculum is an evidenced‐based, safer-sex approach to teen pregnancy, HIV, and STD prevention that has been adapted to a target population that is culturally similar to youth in Los Angeles. The curriculum also helps to address California Healthy Youth Act requirements for comprehensive sexual health education.

It is effective, well-designed, and free to schools. SEA teachers that collaborate with KIR-T will receive:

  • MPC training for teachers (at no cost).
  • Free curriculum guides and materials (at no cost).
  • Ongoing curriculum support.


MPC Resources for Implementing Teachers


California state law requires school districts to provide comprehensive sexual health education in grades K-12. SEA is choosing to implement the Making Proud Choices!© (MPC) curriculum, an evidence-based, safer-sex approach to teen pregnancy, STD and HIV prevention. Abstinence is also promoted as the most effective way to prevent unintended pregnancies and STDs including HIV.

In addition to reproductive health, the curriculum teaches students about life skills including:

  • Setting goals and dreams.
  • Healthy relationships.
  • Problem solving strategies: Stop, Think, and Act.
  • Refusal and negotiation skills: SWATSay No, Explain Why, Provide Alternatives, Talk it Out.

The MPC curriculum is available for review at the school’s main office. If you have questions, please see your student’s MPC teacher, administrator, or contact us.

In addition to supporting sex education in the classroom, we provide a curriculum for parents. If you are interested in learning how to talk to your child about sex, attend one of our workshops!


La ley de California requiere que los distritos escolares a proveer la educación integral de la salud sexual en los grados K-12. SEA está eligiendo en implementar el currículo Making Proud Choices!© (MPC). MPC es un currículo basada en la evidencia que se enfoca en relaciones sexuales con precaución para prevenir el embarazo adolescente, enfermedades de transmisión sexual y prevención del VIH. La abstinencia también se promueve como la forma más efectiva para prevenir embarazos no deseados y enfermedades de transmisión sexual incluyendo el VIH. Además de la salud reproductiva, el currículo enseña a los estudiantes habilidades para la vida, diaria, incluyendo:

  • Establecimiento de metas y sueños.
  • Relaciones saludables.
  • Estrategias para resolución de problemas: Parar, Pensar y Actuar.
  • Capacitación para rechazar y como negociar.

El currículo MPC está disponible para su revisión en la oficina principal de la escuela. Si tiene algunas preguntas, por favor vea al maestro enseñando el programa MPC, el director de la escuela, o contáctenos.

Además de apoyar la educación sexual en la clase, ofrecemos un plan de estudios para los padres. ¡Si usted está interesado en aprender a hablar con su adolescente sobre el sexo, asistir a una de nuestras clases!