Linkages to Care

We link youth to age-appropriate healthcare services by developing and distributing clinic guides, training nurses on Confidential Medical Release laws and related policies and practices, and supporting the Condom Availability Program policies (CAP) in partner school districts.

Clinic Guides

KIR-T has developed clinic guides for program schools. The guides are lists of local clinics that meet our criteria for providing high-quality, teen-friendly reproductive health care services based on survey results. Our clinic guides list high-quality clinics within a 5-mile radius of each program schools.

Web-Based Guide

A web-based version of the clinic guides is available online: Pocket Guide LA includes clinics that were reviewed and visited in person by our staff and meet our guidelines. All our clinics understand youth rights, have experience working with youth, and were selected for their youth appropriateness. Not only do we make sure these clinics offer the sexual health services youth need, these clinics also provide a safe and welcoming environment for youth to access confidential services. You will also find that every one of our clinics offers the following services for free: birth control, condoms, pregnancy testing, STD/HIV testing and STD treatment.